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Galaxy ClusterThis is a photo of just a small part of our sky, about 1/10th the visual diameter of the moon. All of those lights are individual galaxies, not stars. Click on the image to see a larger version, then just contemplate that each galaxy you see contains over 100 billion stars, and each star may have dozens of planets, with intelligent life on some of them. Our universe is immense indeed!

But there are an infinite number of universes, and don’t imagine that all universes have stars in them. There are universes without stars, galaxies and planets. Just as one small example, there are universes of flat parallel planes, stretching to infinity, populated by luminous beings who fly across and through the planes. There are no suns, for everything glows with an inner light.

I know this for an absolute fact. If one were to deny it, they would be limiting God, Who knows no limits.


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“Allow the idea of separation to enter an innocent mind, and instantly springs into existence an entire universe of conflict, infinitely divided against itself.”
— Qualium

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Cosmic, Man!

There is no dark matter in the universe. It’s all grey matter. Far out!

— Qualium

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Why is there Something rather than Nothing? This is a question that philosophers have pondered over for quite some time. It seems as if the more natural and easy state of reality would be that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, anywhere! But obviously there is something. There is, at a minimum, us! And we perceive an immense number and complexity of other stuff in a huge universe. So how did this Something, whatever it is, come to be?

Perhaps it could be a simple question to answer. Maybe the answer is that there is both Something and Nothing.

I arrived at that answer by applying Occam’s Razor. Reality solved the problem of whether to be Something or Nothing by the simplest solution; by being both.

It may seem as if the two are mutually exclusive. But why should that stop reality? Quantum physics has already presented us with examples of seeming contradiction. Why not Something and Nothing coexisting peacefully?

So where is the Nothing? It’s here, it’s just not observable.

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)” — Walt Whitman

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She sighs,
and galaxies are born and die
She blinks a sleepy eye,
and a civilization arises
in Her luminous hair
Uncountable stars turn and spin
She is the Creationess . . .

Across a myriad of eons
Her fragile fingers feel
Aware of every slightest pulse
of pain or joy, in every soul
Her gaze eternal
pierces peace
with freedom, like a wind
of thought — that sails
never moving — forever . . .
It’s eleven fifty-three
i feel Her light caress
on me . . .

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