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“All physical systems have inherent Gödelian inconsistencies and therefore are not true or real.”
— Qualium

This idea appeared in my mind, and seemed to have some impetus so I am expressing it here. I actually don’t really know exactly what Gödel proved with his incompleteness theorems, I just have a feeling that they could be expanded to include the physical universe of matter and forces, and provide insight into the distinction between Truth and illusion in an idealist philosophy. So there you have it, in a nutshell.


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I thought I had something to say. Truth. There is that which is true and that which is false. WITHIN TRUTH there is no duality.

Infinity shrugged
and they dissolved like dust,
those unexistable thoughts.
Only truth, and love thereof
remain eternal — there is no lie.
What’s inside me, what’s forever?
from the unfathomable realm
I am —
All is there. All.

Can you see the stars, forever
Extending out forever?
No, for space is small
And fits inside
A child’s eye.

Can you see the seconds count
Forever — even aeons, past forever?
No, for time is tiny, held in place
by imaginary waves
of nothing.

What, then, is infinite,
what’s Eternal?
Only everything that’s true
And time is lost and gone
from Her Great Eye.

We have no need of grasping time
Which traps, like flies, upon a rhyme
destination: zero.
Turn your gaze
an instant left
and see you are forever . . .
Why play in prison of the wheel
going nowhere. You are free!

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