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Beyond the stars, a child lives
Oh luminous one of light,
Projected from this spinning Earth
Into the glittering night

And light years far the beings call
To bring her from her sleep
Into the galaxies of life
In golden space so deep

She floats from cradle to the veil
Beyond her milky face
And gives a whereness to the stars
Throughout all glowing space

Oil Painting by Michael Z. Tyree, "Last Night I Saw the Wind"

— Qualium


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World of words
and lonely pages,
separate stories
i wandered through,
a library of woe, heavy and sad

I asked for love
and saw it there
in a graceful form
A girl, a child — the sheerest of veils
before Eternity

Diaphanous fingers
feeling a globe, slowly turning,
touching the anguish
of each colored nation
blending all with softened gaze

She, a filigree of lacy atoms
barely concealing the Glory within
Through the delicate hue of her cheeks
as though transparent
i saw — Her face Eternal

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Laughing child
. I give away
She comes back twice
. And so we play
The sun is in
. Her smiling eyes
Reflected in
. The distant skies
Between two hearts
. We toss a joy
A wondrous blissful
. Timeless toy

Oh laughing child
. of fearless mirth
which loving God
. has given birth
I look for other
. seeing none
You look for brother
. Seeing One
Laughing child
. did you wander
. did you dance
from a heart
. that gave up can’ts
. and picked a chance
from a tree
. that God had offered me?
. Thank you, smiling child . . .

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