A Less Than Perfect Idea

“Allow the idea of separation to enter an innocent mind, and instantly springs into existence an entire universe of conflict, infinitely divided against itself.”
— Qualium


Cosmic, Man!

There is no dark matter in the universe. It’s all grey matter. Far out!

— Qualium

The Expedition

Heaven in view!  O!  The joy!

“I had such experiences in my teens. They were sudden intuitions, where a superior form of knowledge developed. Compared to them our normal life is but oblivion and sleep.

“I was aware of having found an original world that we once knew but have forgotten. It always stands on our side, but we do not see it. But sometimes a glimmer opens, revealing a vision of unthinkable perfection and beauty, of superhuman harmony. The unfathomable mystery of life instantly reveals itself, of life we are the beneficiaries.”

— Adele De Faccio, from the archives of TASTE


Gold is God
With an ‘hell’ in it.


“Seen from the point of my tiny self, limited and embodied, the human race seems a vast interwoven mass of desire and fear, too complex, too immense to help; seen from the point of view of Infinity, the whole of humanity is a speck of dust, floating across my vision, easily healed of all suffering, easily given joy.”

— Qualium


Pastel paintings 2007