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The Encounter

A glorious expression of the Divine stood at a freeway off-ramp. She was holding a piece of cardboard with markings on it, symbols that said she was homeless, suffering and asking for help. What courage had it taken to stand there, unarmored, before her brothers and sisters as they roared by in their isolated metal exploding machines . . .
One brother, on his way to sacred dancing, contemplating all as One, passed her by. A tiny Voice from within his heart nudged his mind to ask, “Who was that?”
“A child of God. A sister of mine — another side of me . . .” he answered.
“Do you choose love or fear?” the tiny Voice persisted.
“Love,” he said as he orbited his exploding machine around a piece of metal with markings on it symbolizing “No U-Turns”
He parked his machine and walked across the street to her . . .


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