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Projected Selves

Projected selves ride on spirit

Just some doodling after a Course in Miracles gathering . . .


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“Opposing orders of reality make reality meaningless, and reality is meaning.”

— A Course in Miracles

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Beyond the stars, a child lives
Oh luminous one of light,
Projected from this spinning Earth
Into the glittering night

And light years far the beings call
To bring her from her sleep
Into the galaxies of life
In golden space so deep

She floats from cradle to the veil
Beyond her milky face
And gives a whereness to the stars
Throughout all glowing space

Oil Painting by Michael Z. Tyree, "Last Night I Saw the Wind"

— Qualium

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“Don’t be too serious about time; you may be able to see six-thirty before six o’clock.”

— Unknown author (me)

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A Riddle

What is the largest human-made thing in the world?

A rainbow.

(qualia . . . )

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“All physical systems have inherent Gödelian inconsistencies and therefore are not true or real.”
— Qualium

This idea appeared in my mind, and seemed to have some impetus so I am expressing it here. I actually don’t really know exactly what Gödel proved with his incompleteness theorems, I just have a feeling that they could be expanded to include the physical universe of matter and forces, and provide insight into the distinction between Truth and illusion in an idealist philosophy. So there you have it, in a nutshell.

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“Allow the idea of separation to enter an innocent mind, and instantly springs into existence an entire universe of conflict, infinitely divided against itself.”
— Qualium

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